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  • Catching Walleye during a Spring Mayfly Hatch - Take a close look at a walleye's mouth and its teeth tell the story - they have evolved to feed on fish. Yet, walleye don't survive on fish alone. Ever the opportunists, these marble-eyed predators will snatch up meals whenever they get the chance, and there are few underwater appetizers as easy for them to eat as mayfly nymphs.
  • Fishing for whitefish on the bottom - For years the jigging style minnow baits and hammered spoons have ruled the tackle store walls and tackle boxes of ice fishermen all over Southern and Northern Ontario but if you ice fish for Whitefish you have probably heard, seen or tried one of the newer techniques, and it involves pounding bottom!
  • Summer Whitefish - The dog days of summer are here and it is time to change strategies for whitefish. Being a cold water fish, the whities need to hole-up in deeper, cooler water at this time of the season. They also become a bit slower in their feeding. This means that you have to offer the bait to the fish in a slightly different manner. Many lakes have deep holes that you can find either with sonar or topographic maps.
  • Winter Whitefish - Whitefish spawn in mid-Nov; along the extensive sand, gravel and stony shoals. Each female randomly drops from 5-15 thousand eggs before returning to deeper water. The eggs hatch in late winter and the young fish form schools that travel the shoal areas in search of food.


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