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  • Deep Down Lake Trout - Deep, cold and gin clear water usually represent most lakes that hold healthy populations of lake trout throughout Ontario. During the summer months Lakers drop down in the warming water column. These fish are often very aggressive and concentrated in the most predictable areas in the lake.
  • Discover the Joy of Small-Stream Trout - Imagine yourself exploring a small tranquil stream - lost in your own world yet in the thick of trout country. Cascading waterfalls, riverbank critters and satisfying solitude are yours to enjoy and explore for the length of a day. Thousands of tiny creeks and rivers call Ontario home, and the wondrous colours and energetic tussles that the resident brookies, browns and rainbows exhibit is like discovering a new realm in the land of angling fun.
  • Early Season Longlining For Trout - From The Gardiner Expressway To God's Country Your boat works around a small, rocky knob along the shoreline, and the warm, offshore breeze immediately dries up. With no more chop music on the hull, the only sounds are songbirds flitting in the naked hardwoods and melt water's crisp daytrip down the land and back into the lake.
  • Floating for Spring Steel - Of the various methods employed to catch migratory rainbow trout, or steelhead, in the tributary rivers, creeks and streams that flow into the Great Lakes, float fishing is likely the most popular. Float fishing allows the angler to present a bait at any level of the water column, including in the prime fish-holding zone located within 18 inches or so of the bottom.
  • Ice fishing for lake trout - There is a vast variety of jigs used for lake trout around Ontario. Most popular would be the famous tube jig. Anyone who has ice fished lake trout has probably seen a tube. The reason for that is because they work extremely well in almost all lakes.
  • Ice More Winter Bows - Arguably the most sought after fish during the spring and fall months. Rainbow trout receive relatively low angling pressure throughout the winter. Yes, there is a ton of other species to target once our lakes tighten up but if youre looking for a line stripping, extremely intense battle through the ice. Rainbow trout is where its at!
  • Ice Out Trout! - Youre in your own little world, your eyes are focused. You wait patiently, yet posed to strike. As that little clear float drifts down the river, it rockets under and you set the hook. This is when you feel those head shakes that you have waited all winter for. Its time for ice out trout.
  • Icing Rainbow Trout - Every year thousands of rainbow trout are stocked in many lakes. Targeting these chrome-coloured fish makes for exciting ice angling. These worthy adversaries will test your angling skills, demanding finesse presentations at times and peeling line with bursts of speed once hooked. Not to mention they're darn tasty on the dinner table. Heres where to find them and how to hook them this ice season.
  • Lake Trout Tips and Tricks - Ontarios pristine lakes offer world class fishing for a variety of fresh water species. The Ministry of Natural Resources has a soft spot for one species in particular, lake trout.
  • Late Season Steelies - The late fall is often looked upon as the slowest time for fishing as it is kind of a transition period. The warm water species have shut down until springtime and the ice-fishing season hasn't quite started yet. Even though it is technically still fall, the cold days of winter can definitely be felt in the air, which can scare away a lot of anglers who don't want to bundle up and battle the cold north winds.
  • Northern Ontarios Steelhead - Northern Ontario is blessed with world class walleye, pike, brook and lake trout fishing. The Canadian Shield offers the perfect habitat for our lakes to host generous populations of each species.
  • Ontarios Steelhead - With so many different species available in abundance to anglers of the north we can be easily described as spoiled. Not only does the Canadian Shield offer magnificent lakes but the rocky rivers of Superior boost a healthy population of hard fighting rainbow trout.
  • Run and Gun Ice Lake Trout - When winter wraps its cold grip over the landscape, a lot of underwater life slows down. Warm-water fish get lethargic. This is not the case for cold-water species, like lake trout. Lakers prefer frigid waters. They aggressively feed and are frequently on the move in winter. To succeed at finding and catching these silver, spotted fish, adopt a run-and-gun approach. For any angler, catching a few wintertime lake trout will surely shake off a case of the winter blues
  • Shallow Spring Browns - The loosening of winters grip on the Great Lakes signifies one of the best times for boat and shore anglers alike to welcome spring with some brown trout action. Starting in mid to late March, brown trout start to show up in the shallows of the Great Lakes making themselves available to the savvy angler that recognizes the right places at the right times to enjoy this spring bounty.
  • Spring Rainbows on Trolled Streamers - Mid to late April is when ice often leaves Ontario lakes, unveiling open water trout fishing. I particularly enjoy targeting rainbow on small lakes at this time of year. Fishing tactics in the spring include casting or trolling small spoons, minnow plugs, or streamer flies. It's the latter that has consistently delivered for me over the years, and you don't need a fly rod to fish them.
  • Spring Steelhead - Every angler tries it and often most give up. Its slippery, damp, and often leaves you frustrated and fishless. Fishermen and women spend countless hours on the banks of Great Lake tributaries in search of spawning rainbow trout each spring.
  • Spring Steelhead Primer - As winter makes way for spring, the world, once again, starts to flourish. The ice melts away, the birds return, and the creeks and rivers become alive with silvery-sheened steelhead!
  • Tyler DunnSpring Steelhead A Newbies Gear Guide - Migratory trout have already begun to stage and even move into rivers throughout all of the Great Lakes. The next few weeks bring on a massive run of these chrome beauties. An easy and the very exciting method to catch a steelhead is under a float. The following is a simple guideline for any new comers looking to pursue float fishing for steelhead on the Great Lakes tributaries.
  • Winter Forktails and The Rubber Pipe - Sixty seven feet below my boots, I started the hollow, plastic fake into its rhythm once again. Never darting or falling the same way twice, and rotating while at rest, it had already produced two big, wild trout in the first two holes I'd cut that morning, and the strike in hole number three caught me totally off guard, and I missed it.


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