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  • Biking For Bass - It had been a stressful day and I wanted to unwind outside and be near water. I didn't have enough time to take my boat and go fishing, so I opted for the next best thing. I grabbed a few lures, strapped my fishing rod to my bike, and peddled to a few shoreline fishing spots along a bike path
  • Boat Control is Vital When Playing the Bassin Game - Before you fire off that fateful cast in search of the next trophy bass, have you considered the position of your boat? The majority of anglers neglect to realize that boat position, and how you work your rig can play an important part in the success you achieve. Although it will ultimately be up to you to put the fish in the boat, your approach before and during each cast is a crucial link in the game of catching bass.
  • Crank Up That Next Smallie - Crankbaits have a universal appeal when it comes to luring in smallmouth bass. Whether they represent a baitfish or crawdad to the opportunistic bass, the end result is always the same - another bass in the boat. Although crankbaits come in hundreds of styles and shapes, a select few can get the job done right when applied correctly. Utilize these tips and tricks the next time you hit the water, and have fun cranking in bass after bass.
  • Deep Water Smallmouth Bass - Smallies relate to deep water because food is nearby. On many medium to large lakes, smallmouth typically follow baitfish schools, corralling and attacking them to feed. Prime feeding areas include mid-lake shoals, narrows, islands or rock faces located near the main lake basin. When the smallmouth are wound-up and chasing baitfish, a soft-plastic jerkbait replicates their prime food target.
  • Deep-Water Jigging for Smallies - The fall colours were in full effect, dotting the shoreline on a crisp, October morning. I was fishing for deep-water smallmouth around rocks and boulders in 20-30 feet of water. I jiggled my tube jig along, paused, and then felt a slight tick. I set the hook and the fight began. The three pound smallie bulldogged for a few minutes, but eventually got in net range and was landed. After the hook was popped out, the chunky specimen swam away strongly after being released.
  • Downsizing Tactics for Smallmouth Bass - Having trouble getting smallmouth to smack offerings. Sometimes the only way to get fussy fish to bite is by downsizing. Here are some tips on this simple but often ignored technique.
  • Early Season Smallmouth - Summer is finally here and for many Ontario fishermen and women this means a trip to their favourite bass hot spot. There are many different styles of bass fisherman, whether you are a seasoned tournament angler or the weekend warrior that fishes around the cottage, smallmouth fishing can become a complete addiction. Smallmouth bass have often been referred to as the hardest fighting freshwater fish pound for pound.
  • Football Jigs - For those that target brown and green bass, football jigs may be a new wrinkle in this ever-growing genre, but are a lure that can consistently put fish in the boat, and one worthy of placement in every bass anglers box.
  • Football Jigs for Bass - Bass have been eating football roller jigs for years. In fact, the lures gained tremendous popularity in the early 90s, but have since lost some identity. These days, most guys lump bass jigs together, labeling them jigs & pigs, not paying much attention to specific designs.
  • Guide to Ontario Smallmouth Bass Fishing - Smallmouth bass have to be one of my favourite fish to catch. And with the water clearing from the zebra mussels and those invasive gobies working like protein shakes, there seems to be more and bigger ones showing up every year. As much as these two things make the smallmouth fishing great they can also make it a lot tougher.
  • Knock on Docks for Bruiser Bass - Finding bass on any given lake can often be a challenging task. With so many places to occupy in a body of water, anglers may spend more time looking for fish than actually fishing for them
  • Lake Joseph Bass Fishing - Ive had bass fishing Lake Joe on my bucket list for quite some time and when the opportunity to fish it and stay at Delta Sherwood came, I jumped in with both feet. The accommodations and service were outstanding
  • Late Fall St. Francis Smallmouth - When an email from Frank Ramsay popped into my inbox inviting me to spend a day pre-fishing with him on Lake St. Francis, a stretch of the St. Lawrence River sectioned off by a series of shipping locks, I was quick to reply with an affirmative
  • Make a Change this Bass Season - With the season scant weeks away, an excitement is building for those that have a profound love for bass. I myself make no excuse for my affinity to these green and brown fish - a specie that can tug, tussle and splash with the best of them. But how many of us are in a rut when it comes to chasing this pugnacious adversary? For those that throw the same bait, to the same patch of pads, with that same ten-year-old spinning combo, then this fishing makeover is tailor-made for you.
  • Scoring Big Bass with Football Jigs - The variety of jigs available at a tackle shop can be mind-numbing to anglers. Although their differences may appear trivial, jig heads are designed for specific fishing situations. The football jig is a bait that's often overlooked, but deadly on bass. Here's some advice on why and when you need to fish them.
  • Seven Tricks for Improving Your Bassin Results - Bass fishing is a game of highs and lows. Going from banner days on the water to empty live wells the next is a fact of life when chasing these challenging adversaries. There are, however, a number of tricks that can improve and elevate your bassin' game to the next level. Test these out on your next trip to the lake and watch your success jump in leaps and bounds.
  • Shad-Feeding Smallmouth Tactics - When shad school up in the summer over open, deep water areas, smallmouth bass won't be far behind. For anglers who may wonder, "Why aren't the smallies in the rocky shallows?" In many lakes I fish, the answer is often that the bronzebacks are chasing schools of shad. You can catch these roaming smallies with a variety of baits. Here's how.
  • Smallmouth in New York - Lake Erie on the US side is open all year for bass fishing but by the first Saturday in May the fish and the lake will be ready for action. There are 3 main places to launch that will get you within 5-15 miles of the best fishing grounds as well.
  • Smallmouth Vertical Jigging Tips - There are certain days when a vertical jigging approach is the best way to catch the most and biggest smallmouth bass in a lake. In this article I'll share some tips to improve your success for this effective presentation. Whether you use tubes, drop-shot rigs or spoons, practicing your vertical presentation tactics during summer will ensure you're ready to catch fat, football sized bronze backs come autumn.
  • Soft-Plastics For Bass - You don't always need to flip pockets in heavy weeds to catch bass. In fact, one of my preferred options for uprooting largemouth from heavy cover is throwing soft-plastic topwaters. These baits can be rigged to be virtually weedless and their soft bodies make them more lifelike to bass than hard-plastic baits. Although flipping can be fun, there's nothing like a bucketmouth exploding at the surface, separating lilly pads and sending slop flying.
  • Soft-Stickbait Tips for Smallmouth Bass - There's nothing fancy in the design of a soft-plastic stickbait, but its fish-catching ability is far from ordinary. On days when finesse tactics are what's catching fish, a Senko or similar style stickbait is one of a handful of lures I'll rely on to coax smallies into biting. Here are some tips on fishing the simple but effective soft plastics known as stickbaits.
  • Spicing Up for Autumn Appetites - The next best venue is an established outside weedline, but only one that materializes off a large weed flat. Additionally, my top weedlines setup next to major drop-offs and incorporate a few weeded fingers. And as far as weed composition goes, nothing outshines deep coontail. Unlike cabbage and milfoil, coontail holds its characteristics baitfish sanctuary, oxygen, shade, etc. throughout the fall.
  • Three Foolproof Topwater Tactics for Smallmouth Bass - This article concentrates on three foolproof topwater baits for smallmouth bass: prop baits, poppers and cigar-style lures. Each has a different action on the surface and all regularly fool smallmouth bass.
  • Trolling for Offshore Smallies - I first stumbled upon deep-water bass trolling in 2002, while fishing at a friend's cottage on a lake west of Ottawa, Ontario. It was early fall and the foliage was beginning its colourful transformation, a sure sign smallmouth would be putting on the feedbag. After scouring the shoreline for most of the morning with little to show for our efforts, we decided it was time for a change of pace.
  • Twitching Your Way to a Bass Bonanza Cast - Twitching Your Way to a Bass Bonanza Cast. Twitch, twitch, twitch.pause. Fish on! Throwing twitchbaits to bass can lead to some exciting days on the water - and some big bass to boot. Twitchbaits mimic the natural look and action of a baitfish to a T, and therein lies the reason for their incredible fish-catching abilities. Try your hand at the following "twitch tactics," and reap the rewards that the bass gods will shine down on you.
  • Vertical Jigging for Suspended Smallies - Retrieving baits and lures in a horizontal fashion is one of the most commonly utilized and effective techniques in fishing today. There are times, however, when a vertical approach may be your best bet when dealing with certain situations. Smallmouth that suspend in open water is one key period where vertical jigging a lure will outshine and out produce any other methods on the market.
  • When Smallies Go Cray-Zee - Crank baits, spoons and spinners all work for smallmouth, but catching larger fish consistently calls for a little more. Weve all seen the pros on TV throwing jigs with all sorts of additions dangling off them under docks and around wood and pulling big fish into the boat. They do this because it works.


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