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  • Are Dirty Little Muskies Really That Different? - I've got a lot less experience on dirty water for muskies than I do clear water, but for the small amount of time I put in on dirty lakes compared to clear, my success rate is pretty good. If I dedicated equal time to each, I think I'd have just as many fish in the net from both by the end of the season.
  • Baitfish and Fall Trolling For Walleye and Muskie - You marking any bait? is a popular question many anglers ask when talking about trolling for walleye or muskie. Finding baitfish schools being attacked by predators is an important angling skill for autumn trolling. I spoke with two well-known guides, a walleye expert and a muskie specialist, about fishing large pods of baitfish as a piece of fish-holding structure. What follows are some of their observations on the importance of baitfish and tips on autumn trolling strategies
  • Cover two zones - These become natural travel and cover zones; more specifically, fish often congregate on more extreme areas of irregular breaklines (sharp points and inside turns).
  • Deep Trolling for Musky - Trolling for musky is a productive tactic throughout the season, but it is in the fall when this method lives up to its reputation: big musky! As water bodies cool and fish put on the feed bag, trolling deep-diving crankbaits is an excellent technique for increasing your chances of landing a trophy. Understanding fall musky behavior, using a strategy to target deep fish, and having proper equipment are three critical components to fall fishing success
  • Fall Muskie Casting - Fall is a transition period and as autumn leaves change colours, many anglers switch almost exclusively to trolling for muskies from late September to ice-up. Yet the fall still holds plenty of casting opportunities and it's the season for trophy fish. Casting in fall conditions is tough going; the trick is using effective baits for the cold water conditions. Here's an overview of some top fall casting baits with some tips from three Ontario, muskie anglers
  • Feed a Muskie a Spoon! - I started experimenting with spoons for muskies in 1993, after having witnessed their effectiveness for big chinook salmon on several occasions. I asked my many of peers in both U.S. and Canada about using spoons for muskies, and each time pretty much got the same response "Oh, they're great for pike, but muskies won't touch 'em." I found that a little hard to understand.
  • Fish of a Thousand Casts? - Not so in Kentucky, where its not only possible to boat a dozen muskie a day but have an honest crack at that trophy of a lifetime.
  • Fishing for Muskies in the Open Water - While these fish can be spread out and in the case of larger waters theres a lot of area to search in many cases theyre not so spread out. Their only structure, really, is their food. Finding roaming, not-hungry esox does no good.
  • Increasing Speed for Muskies - In the warmer waters of summer, often something that will trigger may turn a very lazy follow suddenly aggressive, or turn quiet trolling reels into noisy ones is speed.
  • Largemoth Lure Selection - When trying to trick a Largemouth Bass in vegetation bait selection can be a very important ingredient to a successful day on the water. There are several options available to the weed line angler, however the first and best advice I can give it to slow down. Forget all the baits that are horizontal, and focus on vertical, especially during or after cold fronts or on bright sunny days.
  • Live Baiting Muskies - Every season, many nice muskies are taken using live bait, with the occasional bonus of a big pike. However, there are some serious precautions an angler must take when using live bait as there is tremendous potential to kill a lot of fish.
  • Muskie fishing throughout the seasons! - Muskie fishing Throughout the seasons! Musky are a fierce and cunning predator, yet are not as hard to catch as most people think. The start of June signals the beginning of 'ski season in most parts of Ontario, and offers a tremendous shot at connecting with numbers of fish and quality fish too
  • Muskie Fishings Late Fall Trolling Tradition - I admit it; Im a sucker for tradition. Thats probably one of the reasons I love the fall time of year its full of traditions like grouse hunting, deer hunting, trips to the pumpkin patch and of course, the Thanksgiving Holiday.
  • Muskies & Reefs - I grew up calling them 'shoals' but everyone's got their own name for this kind underwater structure: humps, bumps, bars and of course, reefs. They're classic muskie spots and they're as unique as the lakes they're found in. No two are built exactly the same, but good ones just seem to be good ones no matter where you fish. There are also reefs that just never produce, sometimes within a few cast lengths of ones that consistently do.
  • Muskies on Top - In the angling world the mighty muskie reigns supreme, conjuring up images of razor-sharp teeth, truly immense size and extraordinary power. For the avid anglers who are part of the muskie fraternity, fishing for these giants has become an obsessive trait that has literally turned into a way of life
  • Netting Muskie - This subject is important for any species, but knowing how to properly use a net is especially important when it comes to big predators like muskie and northern pike.
  • Night Fishing for Muskies - Muskies are never easy. We hear all kinds of things about what makes them tough to catch and one of them is warm water, dog day summer conditions. But actually, in many ways, summer is my favorite time of year for muskies.
  • Open Water Fishing For Muskies - Fishing the open water or basically the middle of the lake (in many cases) for suspended summer muskies can be very effective. Like fishing after dark and fishing in big waves, there is little direct pressure (note a recurring theme here?) on these fish.
  • Opening Day Muskie: You Can Troll, Too! - Trolling isn't just a fall technique for muskie. During the entire season, no matter what month it is, some spots are laid out for casting, some for trolling and some for both. Early in the summer, all species have a lot of options. Food production is ramping up to seasonal highs. Surface temps are leveling out, and weeds are gaining their green, healthy momentum.
  • Pike & Muskie: Try Open Water - Seasonal changes to lakes and rivers aren't normally consistent from one year to the next. Yes, lakes will freeze and thaw, and they'll also warm and cool. All of this is 100% guaranteed. In the fall, regardless of what the localized weather patterns have been, pike and muskies can be caught well off of the bottom, away from structure or using open water in any combination.
  • Playing the -Size- Game With Musky - Playing the "Size" Game With Musky Musky fishing is literally a game of size. Searching for the lifetime fish that stretches beyond the fifty-inch mark on the tape, or a 'ski that bottoms out the scale at thirty-pounds are targets we all strive for when out on the water. Lets face it - size does matter to a musky angler.
  • Proactive musky management - There are many variables each specie and fishery with its own uniqueness as to where and how special regulations should be established. And total catch and release in many cases is not necessary or preferable.
  • Puffing - This is a tremendous little tip for use with any type of spinner lure, whether its an in-line or overhead spinner style.
  • Return - A real common question from muskie anglers is: What do I do when Ive located a big one? Of course questions on triggering and wondering why figure eights didnt work are common too.
  • Spinnerbaits for Muskie - One of the questions that I am often asked by clients, and at shows, is "What pike or muskie bait is the overall most effective bait for all seasons?" There is no hesitation in my answer; it is without any doubt, the spinnerbait.
  • The Surface is an Edge - Its the reason topwater lures can be so effective for muskie, pike and other species like bass and even walleyes. Predators have success, and remember it, because they often are able to catch prey fish right at the surface. The upward-fleeing prey has run out of real estate.
  • Three Tactics for More Muskie - While many things in life and fishing are arguable (other than fish with teeth are really cool), Ill offer that warm-water muskies are likely the most challenging, since so many different presentations can be effective.
  • Timely Tips to Make Your Musky Hunt a Success - As the trees drop their leaves and the days grow colder, in-the-know musky anglers begin to congregate on their favourite waters to reap the rewards that the fall time offers - BIG plentiful muskies! Fall is the best time to hook into that fish of a lifetime, and by being prepared and having the right tools, your time on the water can be more productive and unforgettable.
  • Tools and Traits for Properly Releasing Muskie - Muskie fishing is one of the fastest growing areas in sport fishing today. Ask any long-time muskie angler if fishing pressure is increasing, or look at the growth of muskie lure manufacturers, and you'll be convinced that muskie fishing is on the rise. With more anglers pursuing these predators every year, the need for proper releasing techniques is crucial to ensure the survival of post-release fish and sustain the sport fishery.
  • Top Water for Muskies - Good friends Dick Pearson and Dan Craven both said it first (to my ears anyway): The surface is an edge. Big thing to keep in mind for summer muskies and they are especially susceptible in the warm water period.
  • Tough-Conditions Summer Muskies In Clear Water - Even when conditions are perfect, clear water can be tough water to fish. It can be mentally and physically crippling when youre fishing muskies on clear water and skies or winds are unfavourable. Darker, more fertile lakes and rivers are more forgiving than clear ones, and populations are almost always higher
  • Turn Your Musky Follows Into Takers - Turn Your Musky 'Follows' Into 'Takers' Musky fishing can be a funny game. An angler can spend many hours beating the water to a froth, only to have a musky finally appear, lazily trailing the bait then slowly disappearing out of sight. Musky follows are a common occurrence when chasing this majestic beast, however, there are a few tricks that can be utilized to turn those curious fish into solid takers.
  • Using New Lures for Muskie - The realm of lures is ever-expanding, and especially-so on heavily pressured waters (and summer is nearly always the busiest for fishing too), this is a good thing for muskie anglers.
  • Using the wind to fish for Muskie - Muskies are never easy. We hear all kinds of things about what makes them tough to catch and one of them is warm water, dog day summer conditions. But actually, in many ways, summer is my favorite time of year for muskies


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