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  • Bass & Slop - Soon the shorelines and shallow sections of small bays and coves will fill with slop and weeds. Don't avoid them because they seem so thick. This is the under water forest for bass. The bass moves through the slop like a deer hunter through the forest. Slop in shallow weed choked flats can hold some big bass.
  • Bucktail Jigs for Cold Weather Green-Backed Bass - Bucktail jigs have an uncanny knack for replicating the movement and action of baitfish. Whether it is a shad, perch, or shiner, the undulating fur and flash of a streaking and fluttering jig mimics this prey perfectly.
  • Cold Fronts & Deep Weedlines for Largemouth - Cold fronts will challenge your angling skills. This is mainly because fronts send most fish into a negative mood, and largemouth bass are no exception. To successfully fool largies, you need to learn to recognize what stage of a front you're fishing and match your presentation accordingly. In most cases, fishing deep water is the best strategy once a front has passed.
  • Finding Largemouth Bass - Lets take a quick look at the procedures you can use and the order to use them in when searching for Largemouth bass on weed lines.
  • Fooling the Largemouth of Fall - Hunting trophy largemouth can be one heck of an addictive sport. The pursuit demands patience, stamina, and the utmost in determination. And although wading through two and three-pounders is fun unto itself - it is sliding your net under that rare giant of a fish that truly makes this obsession worthwhile.
  • Guide to Ontario Largemouth Bass Fishing Techniques - Ok, so youve covered some water and caught a few fish, or during your search youve found a great looking area where you feel there should be some fish around. Now its time to really slow down and begin working the area.
  • Large Mouth Bass Fishing - For years I was a diehard deep weed line angler for big fall largemouth bass. I would fish until the end of November, searching for the greenest weeds in the lake. Some days were unbelievable, where you would catch 25 30, 3 pound plus buckets, other days you would get 10 or 15. I swore I had the greatest thing going, that is, until I was invited to fish smallmouth bass in November.
  • Largemouth By The Light Of The Moon - Working the nightshift in search of big bucketmouths can be a profitable and exciting endeavour for those anglers looking for a new twist in the bassin' game. Fishing under the moon comes with its own set of rules and techniques because once the sun sets, you really are smack down in the middle of the largemouth's playing field. Come and explore the graveyard shift and discover all the action that you've been missing.
  • Largies on Rocks - The Flipping Jig Solution - Largemouth bass and green vegetation have become a unanimous equation for locating and catching fish. Toss in some docks, laydowns and slop, and the basics of the bassin' game are seemingly covered. Or are they?
  • Make a Change this Bass Season - With the season scant weeks away, an excitement is building for those that have a profound love for bass. I myself make no excuse for my affinity to these green and brown fish - a specie that can tug, tussle and splash with the best of them. But how many of us are in a rut when it comes to chasing this pugnacious adversary? For those that throw the same bait, to the same patch of pads, with that same ten-year-old spinning combo, then this fishing makeover is tailor-made for you.
  • Pulling Largies Through the Ice - Catching largemouth bass through the hardened surface of northern Ontario lakes is an exercise in fun, thrills and excitement. While most ice anglers turn to panfish or walleye to whet their appetite, those that are searching for line-peeling pulls and hefty weights need look no further than old greenback himself. Understanding locational factors and on-ice techniques will get you into the thick of things, while also creating a never-ending bass season for those willing to give it a try.
  • Season-Ending Largies - As the days grow shorter and the leaves take on their colourful hues, an anticipation and excitement begins to build, of which I have waited all summer for - - - fall time bassin'.
  • Shake Your Way to More Bass - The "shaky head" phenomenon has walloped the bass angling community by storm, garnering this finesse-style of fishing plenty of water time. Although the technique is still in its infancy, the doors it can open (especially when targeting those hard-to-catch bass,) make the application a must-have for this upcoming season.
  • Sorting Through the Spinnerbaits for Bass - Spinnerbaits and largemouth bass go together like bread and butter. Although they have been on the tackle shelves for a long time, the effectiveness and efficiency of these baits make them a top choice for bass anglers all over North America. But where do you start when it comes to choosing the right spinnerbait for the job at hand? Follow these simple techniques and learn to turn this simple bait into a deadly bass machine
  • Spinnerbaits Tricks for Largemouth - Spinnerbaits put plenty of largies in my boat each season. A tried-and-true lure, they sometime produce catches for me on days when nothing else delivers. Much has been written about using these baits, in this piece I want to share four of my best spinnerbait strategies for landing more bucketmouths.
  • Spoons for catching Largemouth Bass - If spoons are the old time players in the game of fishing, flutter spoons are certainly the new kids on the block. Originally designed and developed to target Lake Forks offshore Texas bass, the flutter spoon has become a hot commodity over the last few years.
  • Ten Commandments of Topwater Bassin - Bass fishing is like a religion. To the ardent angler, it is a passion fueled by an insatiable appetite for all things Micropterus. Biblical? Not really, although, if truth be known, we are all guilty of praying to the fishing Gods from time to time.
  • Ten Tips For Flipping and Pitching - If there are two techniques that have accounted for more and bigger largemouth in my boat over the years, they have to be flipping and pitching. Not only are these short-string tactics both finesse and heavy-handed, they are also a ton of fun to perfect and execute
  • The Basic Lures for Lunker Largemouth - For those anglers that have caught a severe case of the "bassin' bug," deciding on what lures and baits to choose can be a complicated and difficult decision. Breaking down the collection of baits into five significant and productive types will help all those new to bass fishing get a better handle on what to throw a largemouth's way. Stock your tackle box up with each of the following lures and watch how simplified the bassin' game can be and how your success rate will seemingly skyrocket.
  • The Ten Commandments of Topwatering - The art of angling is built upon many different techniques and methods in order to catch fish. From tossing a crank, hopping a tube, or burning a spinnerbait, the options are wide open for the intuitive rod slinger. For those searching out heart-stopping action and high-energy thrills, however, tempting fish on the surface is a hands down winner, if only for the visual aspect of boiling water and the crashing of fish. Here are ten tips to get the most out of your topwater experience.
  • Tim AllardShallow-Running Cranks for Weed-Relating Largemouth - Weeds are one of the most important types of cover in largemouth bass fishing. Many anglers have become conditioned to toss Texas-rigged plastics, flipping jigs, topwater frogs and spinnerbaits around weeds because theyll not foul easily on stalks and leaves.
  • Timely Tactics for Negative-Mood Largemouth - Nothing can frustrate an angler more than targeting largemouth bass that are in a definite finicky mode. The more lures you throw at them, the more they seem to turn up their noses and silently mock your futile efforts. If fronts, dog days of summer or pressured fish are bringing you down, try these proven tactics in order to put more largemouth in the boat during these "tough times."
  • Toad Rigging Tactics - When conditions are right, I like nothing more than catching largemouth bass on soft-plastic top water baits. Whether you like hollow-bodied frogs or the slimmer profile of toads (also called swimming frogs), both are outstanding baits. In this article, I'll cover some tips for rigging and fishing toads to put more largemouth bass in your boat this season.
  • Toss the Versatile Flipping Jig for More and Bigger Bass - The flipping jig, or jig-and-pig as it is commonly called, is one of the simplest looking baits on the market that routinely accounts for huge stringers of bass year after year. For the majority of anglers, throwing the bait to the odd dock or tree is the extent of its usage. For those in the know, however, the sky is the limit when it comes to where and how to throw this versatile lure. Learn the ins and outs of the 'jig-and-pig,' and watch your catch rate grow in leaps and bounds
  • Tweak Your Jig and Pig for Optimum Results - The jig and pig is a classic bait that catches a ton of largemouth bass. It offers the angler versatility because it can be used with so many different techniques and tactics.from flippin' to pitchin' and docks to slop. They've accounted for many of my biggest largemouth over the years, and are the only bait I turn to when a tournament win is on the line
  • Wake Up Some Bass - Wake baits are taking the bass movement by storm, and for good reason. These tantalizing cranks give new meaning to the term "topwatering," and provide a niche factor for garnering strikes when other baits fail to make the grade. Come and uncover the wake craze - its one bait worth doing a background check on.
  • Work The Flats for Wandering Largemouth - Flat fishing for largemouth bass can produce predictable and exciting action for anglers searching for fruitful days on the water. Not only do flats hold tremendous numbers of fish, they also hold a large number of trophies, hidden from prying eyes throughout this great expanse of "nothingness." Learning when to hit the flats, and what to use, will be your greatest strength when it comes to limiting out on the water with this tried and true technique.


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