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  • Baits for Panfish - I most often use an electric motor for trolling. Its quiet, well-matched for following lake contours, and delivers a lethargic pace when needed. Controlled wind-drifting and a small outboard are viable alternatives.
  • Early Spring Crappie - Immediately following ice crappie flock to protected, shallow water areas. These zones are teeming with forage and crappie will feed heartily for several weeks until the waters warm enough for spawning, which occurs between late spring and early summer.
  • Ice Fishing Crappie Tactics - A lot of crappie fishing can be spent in search mode, so put yourself in the right frame of mind. Don't expect to find willing biters beneath the first hole you drill. If you systematically stalk these fish though, you'll eventually find them and the reward of landing that first slab after a lot of legwork will be worth the effort.
  • Introduction to Springtime Crappies - All anglers have our special rites of spring. For some it involves floating roe down a tributary stream for early season steelies. Others enjoy the opportunity to lock horns with the ice out water wolves that slowly cruise the shallows. My early season angling is occupied by one specie and one specie only - and that is Mr. Crappie.
  • Night-Bite Winter Crappie - The sun about to hit the tree tops. I was sitting on a great crappie lake, charging up my glow jig and waiting for the start of the night bite. It didnt take long and the action was fast and furious for just under an hour. While many anglers focus on walleye, crappie are another species worth chasing at twilight. Heres what you need to know about this productive technique to catch more paper-mouths.
  • Panfish Jig Details - If you're a fan of panfish you undoubtedly have a good selection of jigs in your tackle box. Baits ranging from 1/32- to 1/8-ounce are common weights for catching perch, sunfish and crappie. Yet beyond their weight, another big factor is how these tiny jigs are dressed. When fish are finicky this is a critical detail. Read on for a review of some of the top panfish jig styles you should have in your tackle box.
  • Panfish on Floats: Spring, Summer and Fall - We all grew up with em. Ah yes, those glistening oversized red and white bobbers. They were a better match for Orca than nearby sunfish, buoyant as a no-wake marker and nearly as large. Never once did a tugging fish submerge it.
  • Persuasive Panfish Plastics - Soft-plastics are becoming fan favourites with hard-water panfish stalkers. Lifelike profiles, irresistible actions, and durability are a sampling of the reasons whey more anglers are opting to use artificials instead of live bait. Perch, crappie and sunfish can be tempted into slurping in soft-plastics whether aggressively feeding or inactive.
  • Pounding the Panfish of Winter - Pounding the Panfish of Winter Playing tug-of-war with panfish during the cold of winter can be a rewarding and exciting endeavor for anglers across Canada. Nothing beats the pull of the line or the taste in the pan when dealing with these scrappy adversaries. Whether it be crappie, perch or jumbo 'gills, finding and knowing how to catch them is the key for a season of constant action.
  • Scoring BIG on Springtime Slabs - As spring slowly makes its appearance, thoughts of opening day crappie waken me from my hibernation and begin to make my pulse quicken.
  • Searching Out Springtime 'Gills - The spring heralds in new beginnings for those in the fishing fraternity. Making the change from ice gear to open water tackle and from portable huts to fishing boats feels like a time of renewal. And for many, taking that first cast for walleye or pike has become a rite of passage as the season unfolds before us. But what about the saucer-shaped 'gills that flood the shallows during this time, eager to bite and hard fighters to boot?
  • Serve Up Spoons for First-Ice Pan Fish - First ice is an exciting time to fish. Panfish are often willing biters and relatively easy to locate during the initial weeks of freeze-up. Jigging spoons are a deadly bait for the start of the ice season. Other baits will take fish but it's exciting to hunt active fish using spoons before the mid-winter blues set in.
  • Spring Bluegill Micro-Crankbait Tactics - Come spring, many species of the sunfish family move to warm, shallow water to spawn. Bluegills are no exception, and targeting these scrappy fighters with ultra-light tackle is an amazing way to spend a sunny, spring afternoon. Several lures will fool bluegills come spring, but sight fishing with micro-sized crankbaits lets you precision fish schools and target the largest fish.
  • Spring Crappie - Cracking the code on early-season crappie relies on the golden rule of real-estate: location, location, location and when talking paper-mouths in spring, this means fishing the Three Cs: coves, creeks, and canals.
  • Strategies for Shallow Water Panfish Through the Ice - Start by arriving well before the bite and drilling all your holes. Firing up an auger in the middle of great action often shuts the bite down. Don't bang items on the ice, like ice skimmers. Conversations should be quiet too.
  • Tackle Tips for Icing Winter Crappies - When it comes to ice fishing, my number one quarry is the crappie. This specie can give an angler endless action throughout the day, a great fight on light gear, and of course, can provide a tasty meal at the end of a long stint spent on the ice. Targeting crappies certainly isn't considered rocket science, but there are certain techniques and baits that can greatly increase your odds for success.
  • Tough Bite? Try a Little Ice Fishing Finesse - There were already a few anglers jigging as I pulled my hut up to the community crappie hole. "How's the fishing?" I asked. "Slow. We haven't got any yet," answered one angler.Over the next few hours I caught several decent crappies despite the slow bite. The trick was downsizing, finesse fishing, and trying several spots. Here are some details on the days events that will apply to most ice fishing conditions when crappies arent aggressively feeding.
  • Triggering Crappie - Crappies are a great species to target through the ice. At times they can be challenging to find, but worth the effort once you locate a school of slabs. Often eager to investigate lures, crappie can be wary to hit baits and, even then, takes can be extremely subtle. Here are some hints on how-to trigger crappie into biting this ice season.
  • Winter Panfish Toolkit - The essential gear you need to ice panfish isnt extensive. An assortment of baits, a light action rod, and a good auger are the key ingredients. Spicing up this menagerie are sophisticated tools, such as electronics

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